Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dresden Enterprise Apr 24 1896 - The Illustrated Edition Part 12 "J.W. Killebrew"

This is the twelfth in a multi-part series featuring the April 24 1896 edition of the Dresden Enterprise.  If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: part onepart two, part threepart fourpart fivepart sixpart sevenpart eightpart ninepart ten, part eleven.

J.W. Killebrew, the present register, was raised near Palmersville and lived there until elected register six years ago.  He is crippled from white swelling, but has recovered sufficiently to throw away his crutches.  He has made and (sic) excellent register, has kept his books in exceptionally good condition, and his efficiency in office caused him to be now serving his second term.  He is married and has six children.  He has bought a home here and is truly a citizen of the town.  Mr. Killebrew is a genial, kindhearted man, and has a personal friend in each of our people.  He is, of course, a Democrat, and has ever remained loyal to his party.

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