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Dresden Enterprise Apr 24 1896 - The Illustrated Edition Part 15 "W.L. Tugwell"

This is the fifteenth in a multi-part series featuring the April 24 1896 edition of the Dresden Enterprise.  If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: part onepart two, part threepart fourpart fivepart sixpart sevenpart eightpart ninepart tenpart elevenpart twelvepart thirteen, part fourteen.

Mr. Tugwell was born on a farm near Brownsville, where he remained until he came to Dresden in 1890 to clerk in the drug store of W.R. Bobbitt, which position he has since held to the entire satisfaction of his employer and a large number of patrons of this house.  

Mr. Tugwell is a member of the Methodist church here, and was superintendent of the Sunday school for one year, but declined a re-election.  He has always been active in church work, and is now one of the stewards.  he is a young man of much promise of a useful life, and will no doubt be eminently successful, if punctuality to business, and a strict moral character, embellished by a bright intellect will bring their reward.  

He is not married, but is old enough to vote.  We gently hint to the young ladies that this is leap year.

William L. Tugwell was a son of Robert Rufus Tugwell (born in Haywood County) and Benanna Alice Finch (born in Weakley County).  He was born August 19, 1870 in Haywood County, Tennessee. His siblings were 
Luella Tugwell (1868-1944), 
John Tugwell (1869-?)
Robert Bruce Tugwell (1873-1936), 
Albert Sidney Tugwell (1875-1945), 
Stella May Tugwell (1879-1955), 
Benanna Alice Tugwell (1881-1962) and 
Edna Gertrude Tugwell (1885-1953). 

With the exception of his brother Robert, it seems the entire Tugwell family moved to Texas sometime after 1900.  Robert stayed in Brownsville.  Benanna Alice and Edna Gertrude married and moved to Louisiana.

A search of the Tugwell family showed that William's sister Stella was in Weakley county as well.  From the Dresden Enterprise, April 10 1903:  "Grove Hill Doings Column- Miss Stella Tugwell closed out one of the best schools last Friday we have ever had in the 29th school district, and to show their appreciation, the directors closed a contract with her to teach our school next fall."
In regards to William the following appeared in the Dresden Enterprise May 27, 1904:
"We know of nothing that could have grieved this community more than the news of the deaqth of Will Tugwell which occurred at his home in Dallas, Texas, last week.  Will left here in 1900 for Texas for the benefit of his health, which was fast failing him, but almost weekly letters from him brought the good news of his improvement and friends here had hoped and prayed to see him return some day fully restored to health. Only a few weeks ago it was rumored that Will would be here this summer on a visit, and many hearts were gladdened at the proposed meeting.  but alas, the cruel disease, consumption, sapped his young life away. Truly, in the midst of life we are in death.  Will Tugwell was just in the prime of young manhood when the destroying disease gathered him home to his maker.  No man ever stood higher in the esteem or estimation of many people than he; a devout christian, a true friend, a perfect gentleman with whom he came in contact, Too much could not be said in praise of this noble young man, whom to know was to admire, he made friends of those with whom he made contact.  Surely, the world is better because he inhabited it and, surely heaven is made brighter because he is there.

William died  May 21 1904 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas Texas.  He shares a headstone with his father.

For more information about the Tugwell family check out The Tugwell and Finch families of Tennessee and allied families of Virginia and North Carolina by Sarah Finch Maiden Rollins.  It's a part of the Open Library program.

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