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Dresden Enterprise Apr 24 1896 - The Illustrated Edition Part 14 "W. R. Bobbitt"

This is the fourteenth in a multi-part series featuring the April 24 1896 edition of the Dresden Enterprise.  If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: part onepart two, part threepart fourpart fivepart sixpart sevenpart eightpart ninepart tenpart elevenpart twelve, part thirteen.

W.R. Bobbitt is somewhat a mystery man.  The article tells us he was born in Gleason and that he moved to Dresden in 1884 when he was 20.  He was popular with everyone and was quite a catch in the marriage market but it doesn't seem that he ever married.  We know he called on Fannie Moran because he sent her a calling card in the hope of seeing her.  I was also not able to find out when he passed away.  The last record I find of him is a 1911 Pharmaceutical Directory.  

Dr. W.R. Bobbitt

Dr. Bobbitt was born in what used to be the 11th (Gleason) district, which is now the 23d.  He remained on the farm until he was twenty years old, coming to Dresden in 1884, when he bought a half interest in the drug store of Dr. A.D. Finch. Previous to coming here he had sold goods for Swaim & Carinon, and wound up the stock of E.D. Lasater, who failed.  

After remaining here two years he bought Dr. Finch's interest in the drug store and has been sole proprietor of the same ever since.  In February of last year fire destroyed his entire stock, but he was well insured, and soon after the new brick was completed in place of the one burned, he opened up again with a large stock of everything to be found in a well regulated drug store.

If we assert that Dr. Bobbitt is today the most popular, and deservedly so, man in Dresden, and everywhere he is well known, we believe every man who knows him will agree with us in this assertion, and we know there is not a lady in Dresden who would refuse to endorse it.  They are all his friends, notwithstanding he still remains single.  We do not know how it will be at the end of ninety-six, for this is the last leap year we are to have until 1904, and they are not going to be willing to wait eight years to make another siege at his heart and hand.  

Dr. Bobbitt has ever been the friend of the friendless, a sympathizer with the distressed, accommodating to every friend, and is the embodiment of all that is high and noble in man.  He is a most public spirited man, and never lets an opportunity pass to advance the moral and material interests of his community, going always further down in his pocket for money for that purpose than any other man in town.  He is a member of the Methodist church, and is ever ready to do anything he can to promote the interests of Christianity.  The ladies have always found him their firm, unwavering friend whenever an entertainment was on foot.  If he ever disappointed them they have forgotten it.  

Mr. Bobbitt is a progressive Democrat, and is ever anxious that his party shall take a step forward in matters pertaining to state pride. He is a man of fine natural mind and has read considerably form the various standard authors, and makes himself an excellent conversationalist.  no one more richly deserves to be held in high esteem than he, and in this voluntary tribute to a good man while he can live to read it, we believe we have voiced the sentiment of every person in Dresden.

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