Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trousseau Pieces, ca. 1911, Dresden TN

Like many well-to-do young ladies Virginia Shumate assembled a trousseau as part of the preparations for her November 22, 1911, wedding to James Henderson Moran III.  Trousseau's could be exceedingly extravagant and contain custom made day and evening dresses for the newly married woman as well as new accessories including shoes, hats, gloves and the myriad of undergarments that a lady would wear.  Or, for those less well off stores offered  inexpensive ready to wear trousseau sets. These pieces are all that remain of Virginia Shumate Moran's  trousseau: a basque, one cap, and a blue sash.  

Basque, frontview

Basque, closeup of neckline

Basque, sideview

Basque, backview

Basque, backview open


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