Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nathan M. Shumate, Uncovered

Nathan M. Shumate has been somewhat of a mystery to us and led to a lot of speculation about his family life and what he might look like.   As with all research projects speculation gives way to truth as more facts come to light. provided some Census information but that was about it.  Google searches provided hits to newspapers of the time which proved very useful and provided entertaining and enlightening tidbits of information to know about him. But I was not able to locate anything supporting his daughters handwritten note that gave his date of death as March 3, 1899, 8 a.m.  Till tonight.

And now we know because in the Semi-Weekly Interior Journal of Kentucky, dated March 7, 1899, his death is mentioned twice.  Nathan M. Shumate died of pneumonia, though we suspect it might've been tuberculosis, and he was buried near Brodhead, Kentucky.

Mr. J.C. McClary attended the burial of N.M. Shumate near Brodhead Sunday.  Pneumonia was the cause of his death.

Mrs. Belle Gentry, of Newburn, Tenn., who came to attend the burial of her brother, N.M. Shumate, of Rockcastle, is the guest of Mrs. Eliza Blain.

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