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1908, The Two hams & Confederate Memories

Warner T. BOLLING received his Doctor of Divinity and became a distinguished member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and an author having written The Church and the Saloon in the 1890's.  He was born in Greene County Alabama and died in 1913 in Memphis Tennessee. He served on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War and saw action in many campaigns including Shiloh, Perrysville, Chickamauga, Franklin and the Atlanta Campaign.  Rev. Bolling kept up with his friends from the Civil war, as this letter to J.W. Moran shows, and was a member of the United Confederate Veteran's Association. From an obituary we learn he was first married to Mary Coley of Milan Tennessee (on the marriage application her name was Mary E. Pearce) and after her passing he married Willie R. Jeter who was born in Virginia.  During the last 8 years he enjoyed being a correspondent for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis.  A more detailed account of his life can be found on his Rev. Bolling's memorial.

W.T. BOLLING was a good friend of J.W. MORAN and an old comrade from the Civil War. In addition, the two men had their faith in common both being members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  This letter was written in 1908 and shows how much the War between the States continued to dwell on the minds and in the lives of those who served.

Paris Tenn
5/14/008 (sic)

Dear Bro Moran:

The two hams safe to hand, I did not dream of your giving them to me, but I am not mad about it.  They are fine enough to get two disapproved furloughs on, and as I eat them I shall think of the old days gone, and of the comradeship which remains true in spite of years.

I had a pleasant letter to-day from an old comrade of the 12th Tennessee, and it was so true and pleasant that I almost cried as I read it.  Give my love to the family and to all old friends.

Yours Cordially
W.T. Bolling

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