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Kinchen Killebrew and a Cast of Many

We found genealogical information regarding the KILLEBREW's.  Giving the information a quick look I can see a few connections between the KILLEBREW's and the MORAN family.     HENDERSON, KENNEDY, IRVINE, HART and BONDURANT are surnames that appear as leaves on the MORAN family tree. There are probably others that I'm not aware of.

I also noticed that James KILLEBREW married Nancy FRIZELL.  In the 1848 Ledger Book of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Dresden Tennessee there is a Thomas B. FRIZELL listed in the entry section below William LANDRUM's information. Are Nancy and Thomas related?

Please remember the following information was not compiled by us.  Take the information with a grain of salt and if you incorporate it into your own genealogy, you will probably want to verify it's accuracy.

Revolutionary Soldier
Wife's Name: Unknown

Children of Kinchen KILLEBREW:

Nancy KILLEBREW (1787-1867)
m: 1804
Sampson KENNEDY (1780(?)-1845)

Lydia KILLEBREW (1777(?)-1823)
m: date unknown
Nelson KENNEDY (1775 (?) - 1843)

James KILLEBREW (1779 (?) - ?)
m: date unknown
Nancy FRIZELL (1781-?)

There were probably other children but names are unknown.
Children of Sampson KENNEDY and Nancy KILLEBREW:
1.  Killebrew m: Name unkown
2. Susan m: William PENTECOST
3. Matilda m: Silas MOORE
4. Nelson m: Laura Jane SIMMONS
5. Mahala m: George COLLEY
6. Nancy m: Wilson LEWIS
7. Calvin m: Nancy Jane KILLEBREW
8. Angeline m: William RIDGEWAY

1. Children of Killebrew KENNEDY (1805-1860)
  Ellen b: 1832
  Milly b: 1834
  Elizabeth b: 1837
  John b: 1844
  Thomas b: 1856
  Rolf b: 1858

2. Children of Susan Kennedy PENTECOST b: 1808
  Jefferson b: 1826
  Nancy b: 1828
  Montreville b: 1833
  John b: 1830
  Calvin b: 1837
  Andrew b: 1845
  Thomas b: 1847
  Sampson b: 1850

3.  Children of Matilda Kennedy MOORE b: 1815
   James Franklin
   Calvin Simpson b: 1837 d: 1901
Matilda died and Silas MOORE m: Widow Lamb (nee: Saphronie BROGDON
      John Bunyan
      Matilda Ann

Page 2:
4.  Children of Nelson KENNEDY b: 1817 d: 1900
   Sarah Ann (1841-1918)  m: Churchill BONDURANT
   Mary Jane (1843-1869) m. Washington BROWNING
   Louisa Paradine (1845-1908)
   James Riley (1848-1863)
   Susan Caroline (1850-1855)
   Nancy Elizabeth (1853-1915) m: Dr. James J. SHELL
   Thomas Jefferson (1856-1862)
   Green Harris (1858-1925) m: Samantha HEDGE
   John Calvin (1861-1940) m: (Mary Elizabeth PARRISH and Ella Savannah IRVINE
   Martha NELSON (1863-1945) m: Sterling Reece HART

5.  Children of Mahala Kennedy COLLEY b: 1820
     Martha b: 1835
     Mary b: 1839
     George b: 1846

6.  Children of Nancy Kennedy LEWIS b: 1827
   John D. b: 1849
   Judy  b: 1850
   Rufus b: 1853
   Sally A. b: 1853
   Martha J. b: 1855
   Lee O. b: 1857
   Crawford V. b: 1858
   Susan E. b: 1862
   William Q b: 1867

7.  Children of Calvin KENNEDY b: 1824
  Martha Ann b: 1848 died young
  John Wesley b: 1850 d: 1853
  Samantha Jane b: 1853 m: James SPEIGHT
  N. Emmaline b: 1855 never married
  William Porter b: 1858 d: 1862
  Susan Mary Matilda b: 1860 m: Frank AUSTIN
  Clinton A. b: 1863 d: 1878
  George Thomas b: 1867 m: Martha Jane BRITE
  John Calvin b: 1870 m: Mary Belle KILLEBREW

8.  Children of Angeline Kennedy RIDGEWAY b. 1830
   John A. b: 1848
   James b: 1849
   Leander b: 1851
   Samantha b: 1852
   Thomas b: 1853
   Pinckney b: 1855
   Rebecca b: 1856
   Mary E. b: 1859

If anyone has further knowledge of the names listed above, I will appreciate any information you may be able to furnish.  Many of the dates appearing here were taken from the Census Records.  Only Bible Records show date of marriage or date of death.

Page 3
Nancy FRIZELL b: 1781

(James KILLEBREW was the son of Kinchen KILLEBREW, Sr., a Revolutionary soldier.  His two sisters were Lydia, who married Nelson KENNEDY, and Nancy who married Sampson KENNEDY.  It is thought that he had a brother, Kinchen, Jr.  There were probably other brothers and sisters, but I do not know who they were.  One of the early settlers in Weakley County was Thomas KILLEBREW with a family.  This Thomas KILLEBREW is not to be confused with the one listed below.  I believe that the early Thomas with a family a son of Kinchen, Sr., and a brother of James.  The one listed below was a son of James and was in his very early teens when he came to Weakley County with his uncles and aunts -- Sampson and Nancy Killebrew KENNEDY, and Nelson and Lydia Killebrew KENNEDY.

Children of James and Nancy Frizell KILLEBREW:
1.  Thomas m:  (a) Louisa COLLEY
                        (b) Wilmoth Ann BUCKLEY
                                                                                    (c) Martha Ann   HENDERSON

2.  Kinchen m:  (a) Louisa BUCKLEY
                        (b) Mrs. William Pentecost nee: Susan KENNEDY

3.  J. Dawson m: Mary Jane HENDERSON
    (There were said to be four other children of James and Nancy.  All daughters.  Two married and lived in Kentucky and the other two married and went to Texas.)

1. Children of Thomas and Louisa COLLEY:
  Thomas b: 1809
  (a) Eliza Caroline b: 1832
        Sara Elizabeth b: 1835

   Children of Thomas and Wilmoth Ann BUCKLEY:
  (b) James F. b: 1836
        William Marion b: 1837
        Thomas LeRoy b: 1839
        Elias C. b: 1841
        Andrew Jackson b: 1843
        G.D.  b: 1844

   Children of Thomas and Martha Ann HENDERSON
  (c)  Rufus Pinckney b: 1851
        George Washington b: 1852
         Leah A. Belle b: 1853
         John Henderson b: 1855
         D.T. b: 1858
         Robert Lee b: 1860
         Nancy Virginia b: 1865
         Susan Mary b: 1868
2.  Children of Kinchen and Louisa BUCKLEY:
     Kinchen b: 1812
      Francis Marion b: 1836
      Mary Ann Elizabeth b: 1840
      John M. b: 1841
     James K.  b: 1843
     Melzatan Wilmoth b: 1845
     William Worth (bee) b: 1847

3.  Children of J.Dawson and Mary Jane HENDERSON
     Dawson b: 1820
     Alonzo b: 1845
     Westwood b: 1847
     Martha Jane b: 1849

Page 4
Children and known descendents of:

(Do not confuse this Nelson KENNEDY with my grandfather, Nelson KENNEDY.  My grandfather was the nephew.  Lydia KILLEBREW was a sister of Nancy KILLEBREW, mother of my grandfather Nelson.  Lydia died on the way to Tennessee and was buried by the side of the Old Wilderness Road.  Hope HART).

Nelson KENNEDY (1775-1843)
Lydia KILLEBREW (1776 -1823)

1.  Rebecca m: Obediah SIZEMORE
2. Mila m: James CARTER (or, RHODES)
3. Brazell m: Lucy SIZEMORE
4. Sarah m: George W. COLLEY
5. Elizabeth m: Ethelred WOOLF
6.  Isaac m: Mary (Polly) FIELDS

    1.  Rebecca b: 1812 in S.C.
                       m: 1831
                            Obediah SIZEMORE b: 1810 in Va.
          (Have no record of their children)

    2.  Have no record of Mila.
    3.  Children of Brazell KENNEDY: (he was b: 1810 S.C.)
          Nelson b: 1836
          James b: 1838
          John b: 1839
          Obediah b: 1840
          Isaac b: 1842
          Reuben Ross b: 1844
          Elizabeth b: 1847
          Franklin b: 1849
          Lydia Jane b: 1851
          Wilson b: 1855

   4.  No record of Sarah's children
   5.  No record of Elizabeth's children

   6.  Children of Isaac KENNEDY:
         Angeline b: 1837
                       m: Calvin Simpson MOORE
          Louisa b: 1839
                     m: Montreville Pentecost
          Martha Ann b: 1841
                             m: Thomas LeRoy KILLEBREW

I have found a Kinchen KILLEBREW living in the edge of Henry County; later he appeared to have moved over into Weakley County.  I believe he is Kinchen, Jr.; a son of the Revolutionary soldier, Kinchen KILLEBREW, whose two daughters married the two KENNEDY brothers, Sampson and Nelson.  I do not know who this Kinchen, Jr., married but his Will is in the Dresden Court House, dated 1824, in which he mentions his children, Malinda, Levi and Elias.  The 1850 Census of Henry co. gives the date of birth for Levi 1803, and Levi's wife, Kittura, born 1808.  The Will of Elias is dated 1835 and he mentions his wife, Matilda, but does not list his children.  Do not confuse this Kinchen KILLEBREW with the son of James KILLEBREW by the same name.  He married Louisa BUCKLEY and after her death married the Widow PENTECOST who was Susan KENNEDY.


  1. In looking over your information on the Killebrew and Kennedy families, I have a question and information that I think might help regarding Nelson and Lydia Killebrew Kennedy's daughter Mila , who she married and children. First,mid like to know where you found information stating James Carter was her husband? I'm fairly certain that her first husband was LEVI Carter b in NC ( no proof) and died in Oct 1845 in Henry co, TN leaving Emaly/ Emily/ Millie/ Mila/Emillia Kennedy Carter widowed with 8 children. Parham b 1833, Pinkney ( my gggrandfather) b Oct 9, 1844, Rolland, America, Martha C., Ada E., Mary Ann and Levi JR b 1845. Emillia married Barry Rhodes before 1850 and the census taker mistakenly named all the CARTER children as Rhodes children. Please let me know where you found the information naming her first husband JAMES Carter. I have not been able to find the parents or siblings of LEVI. I now wonder if his name was James Levi or Levi James.m

    1. Hello Mary,

      As I said in the blog post, "Please remember the following information was not compiled by us. Take the information with a grain of salt and if you incorporate it into your own genealogy, you will probably want to verify its accuracy." We found three typed pages of Killebrew genealogy among the papers at Moran Place and as you can see I scanned them for inclusion in the post. I wish I could help answer your questions but I don't have any other information regarding the family.

      Good luck in your research.