Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Grand Victorian, ca 1905

If you think Moran Place is beautiful then this Victorian will knock your socks off.  We think it was the original home of Ida Moran and William G. Timberlake and was probably one of George Barber's Victorian designs.  I had actually come across a smaller not nearly as clear photo of this home with a woman standing on the porch.  Where the other picture was small and grainy, this picture is just perfect.  If you look closely you can see that it was actually snowing the day the photographer snapped this image.  I would love to have seen this home decorated at Christmas.

Kent remembers stories of the Timberlakes having a Victorian home in Madison County Tennessee.  Later, they moved into Jackson and lived at 399 Highland which is still there today and is home to a design firm.  We think the home in Jackson might also be a George Barber design.  The photo's of the interior of the home on Highland are just amazing.  They have a ghostly feel to them and just looking at the grand piano I can almost imagine Teatot (Ida's nickname) playing a waltz.

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